SafePassage Gate Visitors - May 13 Update
A new Gate Visitors application 'SafePassage' was placed in operation in
April, and is now used by the Guards to check for visitors in your account, the obsolete Khronox system is now disabled.

If you have not registered in the new SafePassage application, make sure to register and enter your visitors information ASAP to avoid numerous calls to your home, or potential denial of entrance to your visitors.

If you have not yet registered with SafePassage, the Guards will only have your home phone number. The cellular work number has to be entered by the Resident during the registration process.

If you have not entered your approved visitors, and you do not answer the home phone and we do not have a cell phone number, your visitor will be denied access into Imagination Farms.

To Register in SafePassage  go to the Public Page of the Imagination Farms website, mouse-over the SafePassage Menu selection and select SafePassage login, then follow directions. The Registration Manual is also posted

If you have any questions regarding the new application feel free to
contact me, using the e-form in the website and I will get back to you within two business days.

Luis Weiss
Imagination Farms
Website, Transponder, Gate Visitors servers Administrator

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